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The Economic Times Pump Operation and Maintenance Masterclass
The Economic Times Pump Operation and Maintenance Masterclass will provide an overview of how to operate and maintain pumps properly and the performance parameters that need to be monitored in a preventive or predictive monitoring program...... read more
About the Speaker
Many people call Larry ‘The Pump Guy’
Mr. Bachus is working as a pump consultant. Having over 40-years of experience working with Industrial pumps, diagnosing pump problems and seal failures. He teaches pump improvement courses at many major plants and industries all over the world. His clients consider him as their “Contracted Mentor”.

Mr. Bachus teaches how to STOP rebuilding pumps by recognizing maintenance, operational and design errors, and identifying and eliminating the factors that lead to failure of process pumps. He has authored two books in English on pump theory, design, operation and maintenance. One book is also published in Spanish.

He is a retired Maintenance Engineer with experience in oil refineries and chemical plants; Member of ASME for over 30 years. He is known by thousands of industry professionals as my alter ego He writes the Pump Guy column that appears in Flow Control Magazine, World Pumps Magazine, Mechanical Technology Magazine, and Processing Magazine and to some 40,000 monthly Internet subscribers.

Having functioned as an apprentice, mechanic, technician and even design engineer, he relates easily with the engineers, mechanics and equipment operators.

He speaks, read and write fluent English and Spanish. He lecture on pumps in both languages.
You will learn about the following at “The Economic Times Pump Operation and Maintenance Masterclass”:
  • How Pumps Transform Energy into Work
  • Centrifugal Pumps Vs Positive Displacement
  • How Cavitation Occurs
  • What is Internal Re-circulation
  • How to Resolve Cavitation
  • The Interpretation of Pump Curves
  • How to Develop System Curves
  • Static versus Dynamic Systems
  • Pump Curve/System Curve Interaction
  • Pump Start-up and Operation Procedures
  • Alternating Pumps versus Parallel Pumps
  • Parallel Pumps and Series Pumps
  • How Cavitation Damages the Pump
  • The Causes of Bearing Failure
  • How to Properly Care for Bearings
  • The Causes of Mechanical Seal Failure
  • Symptoms of Premature Pump Failure
  • How to Properly Select Pumps
  • How to Troubleshoot Pump Problems
  • Condition Based Maintenance